Hot tub holiday cottages

Strange though it may seem, there is a trend for people on holiday to sit in bubbling communal baths with other people, often strangers and enjoy the experience.

If anyone should ask to have a bath after them in their bath water at home for reasons of economy or any other, they would be horrified. So, what is this explanation for a supposedly abhorrent experience to become a desirable one in a different context?

The normal Jacuzzi becomes a ?hot tub? or ?spa? when it is associated with a holiday cottage and situated in a garden. The word spa suggests health giving properties and both bubbly baths do actually improve the circulation. People sitting in them for a lengthy period have been known to become somewhat red in the face. Cottage owners always publish warning notices forbidding use to pregnant guests and anyone with a heart problem. They also ask guests to sign a disclaimer before entering one. Now, is that not suspicious? Why sign a disclaimer if a hot tub is that safe.

And yet, it is the second most wanted feature after a swimming pool. Why aren?t people asked to sign disclaimers before they use a swimming pool. Surely there is a greater chance of drowning in a pool that suffering a heart attack in a hot tub?

Despite all the supposed risks, hot tub cottages remain incredibly popular. Most of the population hope to sit in one on holiday and rub thighs with random holidaymakers from diverse places. It seems that those hardy walkers have a penchant for relaxing their aching muscles in hot tubs after climbing hills. Also swingers tend to think that they are a suitable ice breaker and help people get to know each other quickly.

The Japanese believe in washing in running water and wouldn?t dream of sitting in a warm soup of other people?s germs and sun tan lotion. Still, everyone to their own. They tell me that chemicals similar to those used in swimming pools keep the water purified. Perhaps now I understand why those crafty cottage owners get people to sign that disclaimer. There may be more lurking in a hot tub than bubbles.

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Pet-friendly cottages in Yorkshire

Any dog owning holidaymakers living in northern England would make a bee line for the Yorkshire Dales or the North York Moors national parks given the chance of a holiday or weekend break. So many acres of stunning countryside, streams, rivers and waterfalls create the most spectacular scenery and dog walkers need some reward for covering miles of terrain in the interest fit and happy pets. The side effects of all this walking are very fit dog owners. Okay, the shoe leather takes some pounding but think of all the love and affection that a dog brings.

Waggle that dog lead and dogs instantly perk up and head for it with high hopes of getting out of the door. Be kind to the dog and take it out into the moors and valleys of Yorkshire. You know that you?ll enjoy being there as long as it?s not pelting down with rain. Hardened dog walkers are used to rain and likely to possess all weather clothing and equipment to deal with it. The dog just shakes his coat on his return as everyone else dives for cover to avoid being sprayed with dog warmed rain drops.

A Yorkshire holiday cottage is ideal for those self-catering breaks away. It is nice to be on the spot to explore the countryside around your cottage. In the summer months, the North Yorkshire and Cleveland Heritage coast would be a superb place to walk. Stop and look out over the sands of Robin Hood?s Bay, pop into Whitby and walk the long flight of 199 steps down to the beach. The moors are quite lovely when clothed in flowering pink heather in August. All along the east Yorkshire coast are lots of pet-friendly holiday cottages to rent in Whitby, Staithes and other coastal towns.

Find somewhere pet-friendly to stay around Sedbergh which is part of the Yorkshire dales national park, and also in the county of Cumbria, and you could also enjoy a day or two in the Lake District because it is so near and gives you the best of both national parks. The town of Bowness-on-Windermere is a mere 29 miles away.

There are so many dog-friendly holiday possibilities in northern England that is evidenced in the number of people on holiday with their dogs in the area. If you own a dog and have never yet visited these lovely northern places, do try to do it this year, you?ll be pleased that you did. Get inspired by reading about pet-friendly cottages in Yorkshire.

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Dogs welcome Devon holiday cottages

Devon is viewed by many dog owners to be the most pet-friendly county for holidays in England. Not only is there are surprisingly large number of pet welcome holiday homes but the general public affection and efforts made to meet dog needs is also better than in other parts of England.

Devon is hugely popular as an English summer holiday destination and it is easy to find a big selection of dog-friendly holiday cottages to rent in Devon. Most of the holiday cottages will have gardens where guests may leave their pets safe if they go out for a few hours.

The holiday cottages may be individual privately owned holiday homes or on a holiday park. Pet-friendly cottages on a holiday park are generally cheaper than an independent cottage and your choice depends on how much you value privacy and seclusion.

Admittedly Devon is highly rural and the number of dog owning families is therefore high. It makes sense to own a dog in Devon when miles of cross country paths are there to be walked. Pub and restaurant owners leave bowls of drinking water out for visitors with dogs because it is expected of them. Although food and hygiene laws prevent dogs entering certain establishments, there are various corners in gardens where dogs can be left safely. Country pubs and eateries have the edge in welcoming visitors with dogs during the summer months because they have large gardens with tables where guests are welcome to eat and bring their dogs.

Miles of Devon coastline is another draw for dog owners, also the national parks of Dartmoor and Exmoor, although dogs must be kept on leads because of the presence of livestock.

Dogs are restricted to periods from October until the end of April on the main Devon beaches. There are still plenty of small stretches of beach that are undeveloped where dogs can be exercised.

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Find me a holiday cottage with good facilities for children

Searching for a holiday cottage can be extremely frustrating, there are so many to choose from and yet it is difficult to find one that satisfies all of our requirements, is in the right price range and in an inspirational part of England that we would like to visit.

This page is dedicated to all those parents who would like to find a family friendly holiday cottage that has excellent facilities for children and is optionally pet-friendly. Again, we can trawl through the well known cottage companies, reading listing after listing until they all sound the same and quite meaningless or we can search by the specific child oriented amenities that we would like and make a shortlist.

One site that could be very helpful is, cottages with various child and pet facilities. All families need a cottage that has a washing machine and hopefully a tumble dryer because children are messy and need frequent changes of clothing. Microwaves can be good for heating jars of baby food.

A holiday home that has an enclosed garden is also useful to stop children from wandering off.

The basics required for staying in holiday cottages with very young children or babies are: a cot, high chair, stair gate, bottle warmers and sterilisers.
As children grow, the requirements change and families need swings either in the garden or on site. A sandpit and trampoline would be nice.

There is potentially a lengthy list of child-friendly facilities and these depend on the age ranges of the children, whether disabled or not and on possible entertainment activities that the family would enjoy.
Good luck with finding that perfect child-friendly holiday cottage in England and we wish you days filled with sunshine and bottomless pockets!

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Country Cottages in England UK

England is known for its delightful country cottages. A holiday in England is a special kind of experience. Visitors to the UK from countries with large amounts of space such as the US and South Africa will be amazed by the cuteness of pretty towns and villages in England, complete with quintessential country cottages.

Classical English country cottages are pretty, traditional style cottages – some times thatched cottages but not always, and very often have attractive character features like exposed oak beams or inglenook fireplaces.

Very often with these pretty country cottages in England, many have attractive plants like Wisteria or ivy growing up the outside of the property, adding to their charm.

When looking for a country cottage in England it is advisable to draw up a wish list with a list of important issues for you when looking for a self catering or country cottage. Do you need a secluded cottage? Are you looking for a romantic self catering break in the countryside or are you looking for a cottage in or near a town? Drawing up a checklist will help you find the right country cottage that meets your requirements.

It is also important to do your research and decide which part of England you want to visit. Some visitors to England look to explore a whole region such as the South West or the South East and will look to drive long distances and book cottages for short breaks in different counties so that they can see more of the country. Others still prefer to book a cottage in one county and focus on a more relaxing holiday rather than a fast whistlestop tour. Whatever the type of country or self catering cottage you are after, it’s advisable to do your research.

Click on the links if you are looking for charming country cottages in England.

Please note that this site is a work in progress – more will be coming soon….

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