Tips on Where to Holiday in England

If you only have a limited amount of time to spend in England you may need to focus your trip on a specific part of England. A 2 week stay obviously gives more opportunity to explore different parts of England than a 1 week stay but how many areas you wish to explore will depend on whether you have a really relaxing trip in mind or whether you love the excitement of the journey, heading from place to place.

Options include:
Focusing on one area – Some visitors to England decide to focus on just one area, like the South West or South East of England for example. Others like to do a whistlestop tour of the major attractions in the country. Each area of England has its own individual highlights and there are too many to list here. If you choose to focus on one area such as East Anglia for example you should have time to visit the major attractions in an area over your week or 2 week stay.

Focus on just the one county in England – Some travellers like to just have a relaxing break and soak up what one particular English county has to offer. Whilst you aren’t as likely to see a range of highlights as you would be if you focus on a region, with this kind of cottage holiday you will be able to get to know a county in more depth. Most English counties have alot to interest visitors so this could be the favourite option for a relaxed break in an area that really appeals to you. For this kind of trip though it’s particularly important that you fully do your research before booking a cottage holiday on what there is to do in a specific county and do remember to think about the weather when planning a trip. English weather is at its best in summer.

The other option is to take a whistlestop tour of England – see our section on Highlights of England for details of the main attractions in England.

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