Hot tub holiday cottages

Strange though it may seem, there is a trend for people on holiday to sit in bubbling communal baths with other people, often strangers and enjoy the experience.

If anyone should ask to have a bath after them in their bath water at home for reasons of economy or any other, they would be horrified. So, what is this explanation for a supposedly abhorrent experience to become a desirable one in a different context?

The normal Jacuzzi becomes a ?hot tub? or ?spa? when it is associated with a holiday cottage and situated in a garden. The word spa suggests health giving properties and both bubbly baths do actually improve the circulation. People sitting in them for a lengthy period have been known to become somewhat red in the face. Cottage owners always publish warning notices forbidding use to pregnant guests and anyone with a heart problem. They also ask guests to sign a disclaimer before entering one. Now, is that not suspicious? Why sign a disclaimer if a hot tub is that safe.

And yet, it is the second most wanted feature after a swimming pool. Why aren?t people asked to sign disclaimers before they use a swimming pool. Surely there is a greater chance of drowning in a pool that suffering a heart attack in a hot tub?

Despite all the supposed risks, hot tub cottages remain incredibly popular. Most of the population hope to sit in one on holiday and rub thighs with random holidaymakers from diverse places. It seems that those hardy walkers have a penchant for relaxing their aching muscles in hot tubs after climbing hills. Also swingers tend to think that they are a suitable ice breaker and help people get to know each other quickly.

The Japanese believe in washing in running water and wouldn?t dream of sitting in a warm soup of other people?s germs and sun tan lotion. Still, everyone to their own. They tell me that chemicals similar to those used in swimming pools keep the water purified. Perhaps now I understand why those crafty cottage owners get people to sign that disclaimer. There may be more lurking in a hot tub than bubbles.

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